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About Toner Cart

An Award-Winning Independent Distributor of Reprographic and Technology Supplies Based In The UK.

Over the past 25 years, Toner Cart has operated one of the most successful, award winning recycling schemes and remanufacturing organisations in the UK. There is a better solution to single-use plastic toner/ink cartridges, which is why our team processes, recycles and remanufactures cartridges to the highest standard. Our clients can be certain that when they purchase a remanufactured cartridge from us, they receive both an affordable and high-quality product.

Toner Cart was created to make a change, contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints and ultimately help protect natural resources. With the shocking statistics relating to single-use plastic toner/ink cartridges, we decided to make a change for the better and that’s exactly what Toner Cart has created and implemented.

Waste is our number one priority and, as a leader in the reprographics industry, it’s our duty to lead the way in reducing the waste we all create. This is why Toner Cart offers an extensive product range of compatible remanufactured cartridges.

Did you know that the oil used to make a year’s worth of printer cartridges would fill 70 Olympic swimming pools? Or that three days’ worth of printer cartridges would fill Old Trafford Stadium from top to bottom? Consumers in the UK buy 65 million printer cartridges every year in the UK – and that figure is increasing by 12% a year.

Now, what if we told you that just 15% of those tossed consumables are reused or recycled? Where do you think the rest of them end up? That’s right, land-fill. That’s a staggering amount of waste. But it doesn’t need to be this way… And you can help us stop it from happening.

And if you lead the way at work, you’ll find that your employees carry on your green ethos at home. You could be responsible for a small green revolution that just keeps on growing.

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